Article first appeared on Baraka Book issue 17 - Autumn/Winter 2002



                                                                                        Roberto Forsoni


This time we have asked the same question to different breeders around the world to know for which breed characteristics they most wish to be known.

Question: Every kennel has a recognizable type, and frequently we can recognize a kennel just by seeing their dogs; what do you think is your kennel's trademark? Who is the best dog you have bred?

AL YAMAN New Zealand

People recognise Al Yaman Saluki by their moderation and soundness and their apparent ability to hunt. I have always greatly admired the Knightellington, Windswift, Rabia and Rualla style of Salukis and have tried to formulate a combination of those line sto enable AI Yaman Salukis to reflect each of these lines’strengths and greatness. I think I have achieved this as, to me, Al Yaman Salukis look like a combination of them all, particularly Knightellington. Function is important to me so AI Yaman Salukis must have the ability to hunt if allowed to. My competition says they lack glamour. I think they are beautiful.

BAGHDAD Australia

Our trademark might be summarised as: heads with parallel planes, strong underjaws, and oval eyes with an eastern expression; front assemblies with deep briskets to elbows and well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm; strong hindquarters with wide thighs and second thighs and low hocks; smooth lines from neck to long, moderately sloping croup with no sharp dips or protrusion. On the move our Salukis carry themselves elegantly. In temperament they are rather outgoing and friendly, which can be of great advantage in the show ring. The best Salukis we have bred are quite different from each other: World. Int. Swed. Norw. Ch. Baghdad Globetrotter and World. Int. Am. Can. Mex.  America’s & Australian Grand Ch. Baghdad Creme de la Creme.

CRANSTAL Great Britain

This is what to me I would hope that people would recognise as the Trademark of Cranstal Salukis. Salukis of spirit with free light movement, classic outlines and elegant heads. In my opinion Ch. Cranstal Incandescence is the best Saluki that we have bred and she carries all of the above attributes.

EL UBAID'S Netherland

Well, this is very hard to say; I have bred many great Salukis. However, Multi Ch. El Ubaid's Anastasia is of the greatest influence on the El Ubaid's line. There is not a single thing I would have changed in her. Her best son is a dog that did not go to a show home, El Ubaid's Cheddah! He will be allowed at stud in 2003 to Multi Ch. World-winner Khalil's Gamida (sweden). EI Ubaid's is known for strong, elegant, healthy, functional Salukis with the best temperaments.


I would say that because I select on type for head's and their expression (but not only on this), you can recognize a Khayif Saluki first by the looking in its face.

A second feature is the outgoing and lovely character, which is a very important part in my breeding.

Third - Khayif Salukis are mostly recognized by sound and clear movement (coming, going and side movement). Who is the best dog I have bred? -- Oh well, this is not an easy question to answer. From amongst the dogs I have owned myself, definately Multi Ch. Khayif Esnan Kalib (Multi Ch. Calif Kashmir x Ch. Khayif Ana Daraje) and his half-sister Multi Ch. Khayif lnakija Kiku (Ch. Issibaa's Ja Amon Ra x Ch. Khayif Ana Daraje). My E-litters was the most winning litter and of excellent quality.


I have been fortunate to have achieved much success from breeding very few litters during my time in Salukis. In my opinion, the litter from my foundation bitch Burydown Badawiyah by Ch. Almanza Kafiat, which produced Ch. Mabrooka Beth-Shan was excellent, and she a typical champion bitch of my breeding. But, my latest litter out of Ch. Mabrooka Miraya, which gave me my Crufts Hound Group winning dog Ch. Mabrooka Jayid and his sister Mabrooka Janina, was outstanding. I think I am probably best known for my line of black-fringed red bitches and the quality of their heads.


'We hope that our kennel will be remembered for elegant and functional Salukis. Especially also for the warm melting expression that is so important for the breed. We had several Salukis that we think were fine specimen of the breed.


A "desert athlete" best describes what I hope for when I breed. I envision a particular conformation but not just one type. I also try to produce uniformly high quality in every litter. When I choose a bloodline, either to acquire a Saluki or to breed, I look at the entire bloodline, not single individuals. Of my own breeding, Dual Champion Midbar Gingit Yehkara FCh, CC, belonging to Dr. Robert Place and Joseph Minor represents what I hope for. She is a "beauty show" champion, a lure chasing champion and a live game coursing champion. Unfortunately, most Midbar Salukis belong to people who don't get them out to compete. When they compete they do really well in every venue, winning titles in agility, obedience, lure, open field, and finally, even the show ring.


Roaringwater Saluki are known worldwide for their superb temperaments, not only as companions but for their magnificent winning in the show ring in South Africa, in Canada, in the United States and in Belgium. The Roaringwater Saluki Kennel has been the top show kennel in South Africa for 25 years. We do not compromise on type or function and stress that any Saluki coming from our home is able to adapt to wherever he finds his "family". A Roaringwater Saluki is easily recognised by his outgoing temperament and his acceptance of everything that he meets as well as his wonderful conformation and movement. A Roaringwater Saluki shows soundness on the move, displaying great endurance and the ability of being able to work/run/hunt over any terrain.


Shiraz Salukis have been recognized for their elegance and floating movement. Our breeding foundation bitch is SBIS/SBOS GroupWinning Ch. Ranesaw-Shiraz Kalahari, Junior Courser. Kalahari is noted for her elegance and floating movement. She consistently passed on these qualities to her puppies. We take great pride in Kalahari's son, Ch. Shiraz Global Storm, sired by Multi/Intl/Am. Ch. Baghdad Globetrotter. Storm is a charismatic, stallion-like dog who embodies our ideal in Saluki type, temperament, balance, and movement. He has sired one litter to date which is an outcross, and the puppies appear to have a strong resemblance to him.

Storm's magnetic personality and presence have also been passed along to his puppies.

We believe that these qualities exemplify Shiraz Salukis.


My "trademark" dog would have to be my sixyear-old Am. Can. Ch. Shwana Sarea Silver Trumpet. Trumpet won the Bred by Exhibitor class and Reserve Winners Dog at SCOA Nationals 2000: Judge Mary Ellen Gorske: "lovely deep brisket, good head, expression and pigment, lovely feet ... beautiful balance of shoulder blade to upper arm. Smooth set in shoulder and nice return of upper arm. Good balance, moderate ... light with good reach in front and equal push in the rear ... Strong topline with slight arch over the loin ... lovely picture of the Saluki both standing and on the move."


At Timaru, our objective is to produce triple function hounds: those who are beautiful to look at, functional in the field and who make wonderful companions. Characteristics we value and try to perpetuate in our line are an effortless ground-covering gait, smooth outline and a good shoulder assembly. We believe that the best dog we have bred to date is Dual Ch. Timaru Vìctoria's Secret, FCh., CC, CM. She has excelled in the conformation ring, in open field coursing and as a loving companion.


I would like to think that Windstorm's trademark is soundness. We strive for dogs that are sound both coming and going but at the same time have a floating, light, efficient side gait. Our dogs typically have soft outlines and expressions with good eye shape and attractive heads. We strive for deep chests, good layback of shoulder and retum of upper arm, toplines that have the slight arch over the loin, low hocks and solid rears. Our Salukis must look first and foremost like Salukis, nothing else; then they must move. The best dog we have bred, that has proven herself to be such, would be SBIS, BIS, Can. Am. Ch. Windstorm Luck Be A Lady. She would typify our trademark.