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photo at 14 months

Results from march to september 2014

14-03-22 Malmö Int, Cristian Stefanescu, Romania, (16+22) number of males and bitches
Exc , CK, BM-4, res CAC

14--05-11 Lidköping Nat, Henrik Härling, Sweden. (8+4)
Exc, CK, BM-2, res CAC

14-05-30 Ljungbyhed Sighthound Club. Trevor Hiscock, South Africa. (67+58)
Exc, ck Winner of Junior class (9), Club Junior Winner 2014

14-05-31 Ljungbyhed Sighthoudn Club, Louis DeHaes, belgium. (67+58)
Exc, CK, second in juniorclass

14-06-01, Ljungbyhed, Saluki Club. Marion Finney, Ireland (67+58)
Exc, forth in junior class

14-06-08 Vänersborg, Anne Klaas, Estonia- (11+7)
Exc, CK, BM 3, res CAC

14-07-26 Tammsvik, Anette Haferl, Switzerland. (34+51)
Exc CK BM 3 res CAC

14-07-27 Tammsvik, Frank Farrar (USA) (34+51)

14-08-01 Kuopio Int. Callin Simu, Romania (10+6)
Exc, CK BM 3 res CAC

14-08-02 Kuopio Int, Hassi Assenmacher, Ge (9+4)
Exc, CK

14-08-03 Kuopio Int, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen , Finland (4+3)
Exc, Ck, BM 2, res CAC

14-08-09 Helsinki WDS, Roberto Velez Pico (Puerto Rico) 66+71

14-08-30 Visby nat, Hetty Van Der Lee-Grevelt, Holland
Exc, CK, BM -3, resCAC

14-08-31 Visby Int , Jan Coppens, Holland
Exc. CK, BM -4 res CAC

September BIS Junior at sighthound's specialty in Lund


11 months

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